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#1Pic100Words is a picture-prompt flash fiction writing contest brought to you by Words Are Work and Larva Digiart.


“They say, 1 picture is worth 1000 words …

We say, make it 100.”




  1. This contest is open to writers everywhere in Nigeria.
  2. Entries must be written in English.
  3. Only one entry per person.
  4. All work must be original.
  5. Submit your stories in the body of the mail (NO ATTACHMENTS). Also include in the mail the following information: Name, Contact phone number and email address, Social media profiles (Facebook ID, Twitter handle, Instagram handle, etc)
  6. The word count per entry is 100 words max. This does NOT include the title of the story and writer’s information. All entries above this mark will be disqualified.
  7. Deadlines must be strictly adhered to. See timetable above for dates and times.
  8. Entries received on paper or via post will not be accepted.
  9. Once entry is submitted, writers should tweet at @WordsAreWork and @Larvadigiart with hashtag #1Pic100Words to let us know. Facebook or Instagram may be used for this (see handles and usernames below).
  10. After the shortlist has been selected, finalists will be contacted with more information.
  11. While it is not compulsory, we encourage writers and their supporters to be on social media and follow us on our profiles:
  12. Special consideration will be given to entries whose stories are captivating, and free of grammatical errors.
  13. All entries remain the copyright of the writers; but we reserve the right to use them for publications and promotional purposes.
  14. Writers and finalists are encouraged to publicize the contest, especially during the final round of public voting.
  15. Judges will be a panel of highly qualified people. The marks they award to finalists are final and no correspondence will be entered into regarding the decision.



Judge votes

There will be three judges and each judge will score each story out of 50 marks. An average of the three judges’ scores for a finalist will make up HALF of the writer’s final score.

Public votes

To vote one of the three finalists, click the Like icon beneath the post, and share using the media buttons beneath the posts. No ‘Dislike’ votes will count.

1 Like = 1 vote

1 media share (on any of the platforms) = 1/2 vote.

Each finalist has a 100-capacity vote-bag that cannot be exceeded. After all votes have been collated, half of the total public votes will make up the rest 50% of the writer’s final score.


For example, say at the end of all voting, writer 1 has votes distributed like this:

Judge votes: Judge 1 (25/50), Judge 2 (45/50), Judge 3 (40/50)

Public votes: Likes (60), Facebook shares (20), Twitter shares (30), LinkedIn shares (10).

His score sheet will be as shown below:

Judge votes   Public votes
Judge 1 (out of 50) 25 Likes 60 60
Judge 2 (out of 50) 45 Media shares (20+30+10)/2 = 30
Judge 3 (out of 50) 40
Average  110/3 Total 90
Total judge vote (out of 50)    36.7 Total public vote (out of 50) => 45
Final score (out of 100) 36.7%+45% =  81.7% 

So he scores 81.7%




First prize: Twenty-five thousand Naira + 5000-word short story editing coupon.+ writer’s portrait by Larva Digiart (digital copy and 16″ by 20″ framed copy delivered anywhere in Nigeria).

Second prize: Ten thousand Naira + writer’s portrait by Larva Digiart (digital copy only)

Third prize: Five thousand Naira + writer’s portrait by Larva Digiart (digital copy only)

There will be books, editing coupons and other prizes to be won during the course of the contest. Stay alert on social media to enjoy them.



An original digital artwork (picture) will be put up and writers will craft 100-word stories inspired by the picture. Every writer will submit their entry to contests@wordsarework.com before the deadline. After the close of submissions, judges will select and release a longlist of ten entries within a week. A shortlist will follow shortly, of 3 writers who will then advance to the finals of the competition.

For the finals, another digital picture will be put up and the finalists will craft 100-word stories inspired by the picture, to be submitted to contests@wordsarework.com within a shorter deadline. The three entries will be published on www.wordsarework.com and the winning entry will be selected by a combination of public votes (50%) and judge votes (50%).

We are now in the Finals. See the Finals timetable below:

Time Date Activity
Noon 31-May Second picture goes up. Submission opens
 Midnight 2-Jun Submission closes
3-Jun Finalists’ stories published on www.wordsarework.com.
Public voting starts
Midnight 11-Jun Public voting ends
12-Jun Winners announced


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#1Pic100Words is brought to you by Words Are Work and Larva DigiArt

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